General election result: Send us your questions

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Adults in the UK voted in a general election yesterday - and the results are coming in.

No one party has enough Members of Parliament to be in control of government, which means the result is what is called a hung parliament.

So what does it all mean and what's going to happen next?

You might have lots of questions over what this result means for you and other children in the UK.

We'll be putting some of them to a BBC political expert later, so we want to hear from you.

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Here are some of your questions:

Who will be prime minister and what is a hung parliament?

Marco, 12

How many polling stations are there?

Nicholas, 12

How is the new government and next prime minister decided?

Maddie, 12, Bath

If the Conservatives have the most seats, how have they not won?

Katherine, 15, Hampshire

Will there be a second vote for the top parties with the most seats?

Sameeha, 12, London

Why was there another election?

Ellie, 12, Devon

What will happen to Brexit now?

Fergus, 9, London

Is the prime minister going to change or not?

Fedora, 12, London

Why does a party have to get a certain amount of seats to win?

Lauren, 9, Edinburgh

What will happen if the parties cannot make a deal?

Ethan, 10, Doncaster

In the past, how close has the voting has been between the different parties?

Year 6, Whoberley Hall School, Coventry

Why is the Labour Party called Labour?

Class 3, St Mary's Cockerton, Darlington

Why do you have to be 18 to vote?

Birch Class, Lambley Primary School

Is there a time limit for parties to join together to make a parliament?

4JP, Vale School, Worthing

How are the votes counted?

Tabitha, 10, Falkirk

Does the Queen get to vote in the General Election?

Year 4, Fawbert and Barnard's Primary School

Does the next election have to be in 2022?

Year 3, Warwick Road Primary School

Why can't Labour and the Conservatives work together?

Year 4, Skylarks Class