Taiwan's Toilet Troubles

Last updated at 13:29
Taiwan toiletKeoni Everington/Taiwan News
A new sign on toilets in Taiwan tells people to flush their toilet paper instead of throwing it in the bin

New toilet roll in Taiwan in Asia means that people can now flush it down the loo instead of throwing it in a bin.

Until now, Taiwan drains couldn't cope with toilet roll and it had to go in a bin.

Now a new kind of loo paper there can now break down in water, which means it can be flushed like we do in the UK.

But most people are used to throwing it in bins instead, so signs have been put up, telling people what to do.

The sign reads:

"The answer to a big mystery! Toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet, did you know that?"

Sounds like they need to roll with it and not loo-se the plot...