Is this the world's craziest road?

A new motorway interchange in Chonqing in China is driving people crazy as they get lost in a maze of roads.

The interchange has five suspended levels and cars going in all directions.

After eight years of construction, the Huangjuewan interchange was completed last week on the outskirts of Chongqing, a gigantic city in southwest China.

The structure balances five layers of traffic, with the highest 37 metres above ground. No less than 15 ramps have been built to allow vehicles to move from one level to another, in eight directions, according to the municipality's website.

An official on Chongqing's urban and rural construction committee told a Chinese news agency called Xinhua that the complex design was necessary to link the city's core, airport, and expressway, with each ramp leading to a different zone.

This navigational nightmare has set the internet ablaze.

"If you miss a ramp, you will reach Chongqing one day later," warned one user on the social network Weibo.

"My GPS told me: go where you want and leave me alone!", a commenter joked, while another christened the city "Chongqing, the city that you'll never leave."

One driver was more reassuring: "Huangjuewan, a legendary bridge in eight directions and five stories: I took it without a GPS and without getting lost!"

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