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It's that time of the year again - the grand final of Britain's Got Talent!

The acts have been battling it out this week in the semi-finals to grab a place in Saturday night's final.

But who will be crowned the winner of 2017? Will it be one of the youngest contestants eight-year-old Issy or nine-year-old Ned?

Or will it be pensioners Malcom and Henry who together form the Pensionalities?

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Daliso Chaponda the comedian should win because he is unique and a comedian has never won before. I think he's hilarious!

Sam, 12, Oxfordshire

I think DNA should win because they're amazing! And also Issy because she's great at magic.

Milano, 8, London

My favourite this year is MerseyGirls, but I think that DNA will win!

Mathew, 11, Liverpool

I think who should win Britain's Got Talent is Matt Edwards because he's sooo funny and he's a magician as well which I think is amazing. I think Matt Edwards deserves to be crowned BGT 2017 winner.

Roma, 11, Torfaen

I think that Issy should win because her magic tricks are amazing!

Bethany, 8, Cambridgeshire

I think either Issy, Matt, or Ned should win.

Jack, 9, High Wycombe

I hope DNA win because it'll be cool for a magic act to win.

Sinead, 13, Belfast