FA diving ban: What are the new rules for footballers all about?

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Gaston Ramirez from Middlesbrough on the pitch during their match at BournemouthAllsport/Getty Images
Middlesbrough's Gaston Ramirez was given a yellow card for diving at Bournemouth in April

New Football Association rules mean that footballers in England can be punished for "diving" during a match, even after the game has finished.

The rules will start being used from August - the start of the next football season.

Let us explain more.

Diving - remind me...

Not in the pool, but on the pitch! It's a kind of cheating that's been a problem for years.

It's when players fall to the ground, pretending they've been fouled.

It's also known as "simulation".

The new offence's called "Successful Deception of a Match Official"

Catchy, eh?

It's a fancy description for when someone like the referee has been lied to by a player - who has then gained from it, through getting a penalty or getting a rival player dismissed.

A panel of three will watch back incidents

If it's believed that something dodgy has happened, then the video footage will be watched by a panel on Mondays.

It'll be made up of one ex-match official, one ex-manager and one ex-player.

Offending players could be suspended for two matches

That's if all three people on the panel agree.

Something similar is already happening in Scotland

The Scottish FA has a compliance officer who reviews incidents in matches.

They decide whether a footballer should get a punishment or not, although they can appeal.