Jeremy the 'leftie' snail's search for love is a snailure!

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Jeremy the leftie snail has been left out in the search for love...

Remember the story of Jeremy the snail?

The London sluggard had been looking for love, but was finding it hard to find a mate.

That's because the spiral on his shell coils to the left, rather than to the right like most other snails. It means he can only mate with other "lefties".

It looked like help was on the way after two potential "leftie" partners were found.

But it wasn't meant to be - the other "leftie" snails mated with each other instead and had 170 babies!

Lefty and TomeauUniversity of Nottingham
Sadly, Lefty from Suffolk and Tomeau from Spain didn't take a shine to Jeremy

Experts have said Jeremy has a "one in a million" chance of finding a mate.

So while this attempt to find Jeremy a partner was a snailure, hopefully his luck will change soon.