Watch a WWII bomb be blown up

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Watch a WWII bomb be blown up

It's not often you get to see what happens when a World War Two bomb gets blown up.

Police say they think it was a bomb dropped on Birmingham during the Second World War but that didn't explode at the time.

It was found on a building site.

Don't worry though - it was a controlled explosion carried out by the police, to make it safe.

People living nearby were evacuated to make sure that no-one would be hurt.

The bomb disposal team said 13 lorry loads of sand had been brought in to create an igloo or cave around the 250kg bomb before experts set it off.

Picture of the bombWest Midlands Police
The WW2 bomb that experts say contains "139kg of high explosives" has been surrounded by sandbags

Birmingham is a major industrial city and lots of tanks and guns and bullets for the war were made there.

On 19 November 1940, the German airforce attacked the city very heavily.

Historians think this bomb could have been dropped that night or on 20 November 1940, when a road just nearby was destroyed by a bomb.