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Comments: If you were a wrestler what name would you pick?

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Check out the secret to Finn Bálor’s WWE entrance

Ayshah recently went to Liverpool to find out if she's got what it takes to become a wrestling superstar.

She got tips from wrestlers Finn Balor, Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Bayley!

She also found out, that to become a wrestler you need a great name.

From Dwayne 'The rock' Johnson to Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Gran Metalik and Goldust, wresting has some pretty great character names.

So we wanted to know, what would your wrestling name be?

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Your Comments

I would be called JESSATRON because my name is Jess and I think I'd be very good!

Jess, 13, St Ives

If I was a wrestler my name would be the Green Anaconda

Kaidan, 9, Slough

I would love to be called the Flying Scotsman

David, 10, Renfrew

My wrestler name would be : Mike the Mizanin. I would pick this name because a real wrestler called The Miz inspired me to choose this.

Jude, 8, Peterborough

My wrestler name would be fireball

Edoardo, 11 Treviso (Italy)

Bootleg Bob

Alex, 12, Bedford

Chickenman Solo

Gabriel, 13, Luton

Here are some of our wrestler names: Des the destroyer, Khizy Kaz, Doctor Savage, Dab Master, Professor Wrecked, The Riz

Year 5, Randal Cremer Primary School

Taylor the terrible, Criminal Connor, Tyrific Tornado, Anamatronic destroyer, Caden 'catastrophic' Cooper,

Mercury Class, Littledown School, Slough.

Rampage-Ribcage and Wagwanius

Year 7 Spen Valley High School

If i were a wrestler my name would be "Rebecca the Wrecker "!!

Rebecca, 7, Rotherham , South Yorkshire

If I were a WWE wrestler my name would be Nightshade!!

Elona, 11, Wallington

Baron Blade

Adam, 8, Birmingham

If I had a wrestler name it would be BouBou!

Polly, 8, Swindon