Could tag become an official sport?

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Could tag become an official sport?

We bet many of you have played this game in your playground.

Whether you call it tig, tag, you're it! or another name, we've all run around with our friends trying to avoid being caught by the person who is 'on'.

Now, a group called World Chase Tag want to turn the game of tag into an official sport.

They held an event at the end of last year where competitors battled against each other to be crowned tag winners.

Now, the team want to put together a global competition, with tag chases held all around the world.

Newsround spoke to World Chase Tag's founder Christian Devaux to find out more about it...

Where did the idea for World Chase Tag come from?

The idea for it started in Berkshire in our garden. The first obstacles were bins, chairs and an old punch bag.

In a way, tag is one of the oldest sports. Kids all over the world have played it naturally without even being told the rules.

Why should it be made into a sport?

It should be made into a sport because it is very entertaining to watch and you get into the action straight away, unlike a lot of the other more traditional sports.

Chase tag is great for fun and fitness, including agility, strength and overall general fitness. For a lot of sports, you require agility and speed. Chase Tag focuses on those two key qualities.

What's so good about chase tag?

It's popular mainly because it's fun. In countless studies about why people stop playing sport, the number one reason is always because they stop enjoying it.

It's also easy for everyone to play. The court is designed in such a way that tall people go over obstacles and small people can go under them.

In our first event, our youngest competitor - at just 13 years old - was able to go under certain obstacles that his older (taller) competitors had to go over!

It's a sport that everyone can relate to. Chase Tag is one of the few sports that EVERYBODY the world over has played at some point in their lives.

It's also extremely simple. There is one golden rule - don't get caught!

So, will this action-packed version of tag take off as a worldwide official sport? We will have to wait and see if it catches on.

Also, as fun as this looks, please remember that this can be a dangerous sport and the people in the video have had loads of training.