Comments: Fidget Spinners - dazzling or distracting?

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Fidget spinners: What are they and why have some schools banned them?

It's pretty safe to say many of you and your friends probably have a fidget spinner.

They were originally designed to help kids with conditions like autism deal with stress, but have now become a popular toy.

But some schools have banned them because they can distract kids from doing their work.

So what do you think about fidget spinners? Should they be banned in schools?

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Your comments

I think they should be banned from the classroom because they are a bit noisy and someone people don't pay attention in class but I think it's fine for the playground

Ella, 12, Edinburgh

There not distracting I have got autism and it helps me concentrate in all my lesson I got a 6a because of the hand spinner my brain works better

Emily, 14, Brentford

I think fidget spinners are a great thing to relive stress. However, I do think they cause distractions in class and some people don't really need them. The idea of us ring them at brake time is a brilliant idea. They are band in my school though.

Tilly, 11, Norfolk

I don't think they should be banned in schools, they are in mine and I just think that there is no reason to have them banned. I understand in the classroom because in my class, loads of people were playing with them and it can annoy the children and teachers and can also take away concentration from the lesson; however what I don't understand is why they have been banned on the playground too because they're not causing any harm and it's not as if people are throwing them at each other, they're just playing with them. Let's not ban fidget spinners!

Grace, 11, Liverpool

I think that it is right to ban fidget spinners because they distract you, but at the same time I am a bit annoyed as sometimes the lesson is boring and I need something to distract me. In my school, many people try to play in secret, so I am not the only one.

Arshiya, 10, UK

Some boys in my class are constantly playing with it and the teacher has to take it away and give it to them at the end of the day, also the class next door their teacher has to confiscate it and then he will sell it on eBay if he sees anyone of his students playing with it in class.

Olivia, 11, London

I think it is right for schools to ban fidget spinners but I don't see why schools are banning children from using them at lunchtime. I think they do help people concentrate, as I have one and I have noticed a big difference in lessons when I use it. I don't think it disturbs people in lessons but if I do distract someone I put it away.

Tom, 14, from Lichfield near Birmingham

I love spinning my fidget spinner and doing tricks with it, but it would be distracting for other children. I understand why schools are banning them. They are banning them because they cause a huge distraction for others but in my class the teacher just takes it off you and hands it back at break.

Ewen, 10, Glasgow

I think that Fidget Spinners are excellent on the playground but distracting in class. I can understand why teachers do not want them in the classroom.

Jamie, 10

I don't like fidget spinners as they cause a huge distraction in class. Almost everyone in my form has one and plays with it in class. Our head of year and even headteacher has told us not to have it in class but people do it anyway.

Elle , Lincoln

I think fidget spinners are good for calming. I have one myself but I have it for a reason. So if they get banned I can't use it when I need it

Jasmine, 14

My school doesn't really know about fidget spinners yet! I have one myself, it's metal, the colour is black and it is two sided. It distracts some of my mates but not all the time. FIDGET SPINNERS ARE COOOOOOL!!!!

Ilya, 9, Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire

Fidget spinners should only be used for children who have fidgeting problems. Children with autism, ADHD or other special needs. We think they have been banned in schools because children are playing with them and not doing their work. In our class two people like to use fidget spinners because it helps them to concentrate on their work and reading. Fidget toys should only be used at break times, dinner times and home time for people who don't need them. They should only be used outdoors unless you have a special need.

Yr6 Class, Darlington