New Zealand Police's guinea pig recruit

Last updated at 11:58
Elliot the guinea pigNew Zealand Police

Police in New Zealand have a new rodent recruit to help spread their safety messages - Elliot the guinea pig!

The pet animal's been a hit since appearing on New Zealand Police's social media, posing in his own mini police cap.

The latest post features Elliot on the roadside, calling on people to drive safely.

Elliot is 'quoted' in the caption as saying: "I am not too fast and that's the way I like it - slow is safe!"

The guinea pig first appeared over Easter weekend, after the "excess of calls" the New Zealand Police Easter Bunny was getting...

Elliot the guinea pig has his own mini police hatNew Zealand Police
Elliot the guinea pig has his own mini police hat

In another post, Elliot is snapped with a toy car that had been "dumped".

The post is used to remind people to lock their cars and keep their valuables safe.

Elliot the guinea pig with a toy carNew Zealand Police
Elliot wants drivers to avoid any car-nage...

The four-year-old guinea pig is the pet of someone in the police media team.

New Zealand Police told Newsround: "[We] are always looking at new ways to communicate with the public and promote messaging as quickly and as efficiently as possible."

It said Elliot spends a lot of his spare time grazing on grass, green vegetables and hay at home, and getting cuddles from his family.