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London Marathon: 10 of the wackiest world record attempts

More than 40,300 people took part in the 2017 London Marathon on Sunday. You might think running 26.2 miles around the capital is tough enough, but some people can't resist adding an extra challenge...
...Like Paul, who loves helicopters so much that he's decided to wear one for the run! It's a pretty heavy costume, so Paul's had to carry extra weight in training to get used to it. He's hoping to break the Guinness world record for "Fastest Marathon Dressed as a 3D Aircraft (Male)". He'll need to finish in less than six hours to beat the current record.
runner dressed as helicopterGuinness World Records
Susan's costume is a bit lighter at least - she's decided to style herself as a roll of loo roll. Believe it or not, she's not the first to pick this costume, so she needs to run the marathon in less than five hours to take the prestigious title of "Fastest Marathon in a Toilet Roll Costume (Female)".
Runner dressed as loo rollGuinness World Records
Gemma has gone for something a bit classier - she's dressing as the famous Mona Lisa painting. It looks great, but adds an extra challenge to running because she can't use her arms! If she makes it round the course in less than four hours and 25 minutes then she can proudly claim the title of "Fastest Marathon as a Framed Portrait (Female)".
Runner dressed as Mona LisaGuinness World Records
Meanwhile, Gemma is branching out from her usual running gear, with this impressive costume of a tree. Her time to beat is six hours. She's asked people to sign leaves that she can attach to the canopy, which will give her some extra support on the day.
Runner dressed as a treeGuinness World Records
And is this another traitor from the Imperial Army? No, it's just Jeremy - he's making the run in full Stormtrooper armour in an attempt to take the record of "Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Star Wars Character". He's got four hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds to beat...
Runner dressed as a StormtrooperGuinness World Records
Almost as awkward as armour, Damian has decided to ditch his trainers and do the run in his trusty Wellington boots. Maybe they'll come in handy if there are any muddy patches along the track? To get the record, he needs to reach the finish line in less than three hours and 15 minutes.
Runner in Wellington bootsGuinness World Records
But not everyone is going it alone - Alex and Chris are going to need pretty good teamwork to win the title of "Fastest Marathon in a Two-Person Costume". They're dressed as a Jamaican bobsled in tribute to one of their favourite films - Cool Runnings. Alex says he's always wanted to run a marathon with his best mate, so that they could share the moment together. To get the title, they'll need to be faster than three hours and 59 minutes.
Runners in Jamaican bobsled costumeGuinness World Records
But they've got competition! Michael and Marc are going for the same title, and they've got the power of the Batmobile to help them out. So the question is - what's faster? A bobsled or the Batmobile?
Runners dressed as BatmobileGuinness World Records
Meanwhile, Simon, Caroline, Jacqueline and Steve have doubled that challenge with not two people, but four! They've opted for an aeroplane costume, which makes sense since they've all worked on planes, as pilots and cabin crew. They'll need to beat five hours and 20 minutes to get the record.
Runners dressed as aeroplaneGuinness World Records
And finally, with the biggest team of the lot, David, Meg, Ceyhun, Andy, and Holly are running as a team of five, in Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine. They're aiming to be quicker than five hours and 45 minutes to claim the record of "Fastest Marathon in a Five-Person Costume". Good luck, everyone!
runners dressed as scooby doo charactersGuinness World Records