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The 37th London Marathon is taking place on Sunday, 23 April, with thousands of runners joining in to raise money for charity.

The gruelling 26.2-mile race has taken place in the capital every year since 1981.

This year around 40,000 runners are expected to set off from the starting line, including this lot hoping to break some weird world records.

We want your good luck messages for the runners taking part!

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To Diana and George, keep on running.

Jasmine, 9, Bridgend

Running for MS - GOOD LUCK, Heidi!

Lucas, 11, Malvern

Keep going, Auntie Fran!

Connor, 5, Sutton-in-Ashfield

Good luck, Claire Smith, running for Cancer Research UK! We love you so much and you've done us all so proud. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Millie, 12, London

Good luck to all the marathon runners, keep going your doing really well.

Bernice, 16, Buxton

Good luck, Mr Walker, head teacher of Ackworth Howard School. Raising money for the school. A great head teacher.

James, 7, and Harry, 7, Ackworth

Keep going, grandpa! Edward a 78-year-old man running the marathon today, we are so proud!

Ellie, 16, Solihull

Good luck, Mr Newell!! The whole class are so, so proud of you running for motor neurone disease, you're a legend, keep it up!!!

Jasmin, Surrey

Good luck, Simon at the London Marathon. You'll be great!!

Shannon, 10, and Sophie, 8, Orpington

Keep going, Uncle Richard.

Lucas, 7, Devon

Good luck to all the runners. I am so proud. Do not stop.

Yaaz, 10, Lingfield

Good luck to Chris Beasley and the team he is running with. You've got this, Uncle Chris!

Lauren, 14, Luton

Come on, Uncle Andy, we love you!

Sophie, 9, Buckingham

Well done to everyone who is doing the marathon. You should be very proud of yourself. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Eliza, 10, London

Lots of luck today to my friend Ivor's mummy, Alice.

Eshan, 8, London

Good luck, mum, you can do it! Xxx

Sonny, 10, and Coco, 7, Dorset

Good luck, Mr Parker, you can do it.


Go Daddy Jacob! We love you!

Erica and Lillian, Chicago

Good luck, Dr Robinson and Mrs Dewar from Berkhamsted School. We think you are amazing!

Genevieve, 10, and Alexandra, 8, Berkhamsted

Everyone is proud of you, have a good run, dad (Tony).

Lillie, 11, North Wales

Good luck, daddy, I am cheering from the sofa as I am poorly. Mummy, Lucas and Rhys are cheering you on at the race.

Niamh, 4, Aberdeenshire

Good luck, Uncle Phil!! Running for Dementia UK!!

Sophia, 5, and Alfie, 2, Cumbria

Go Hollie - running for Cancer Research UK.

Joe, 8, and Evie, 6, Cornwall

Good luck, Kim and Leah, running in your first marathon, you have come through so much and we are so proud of you.

Phoebe, 14, Penyffordd

Good luck, Tom - do it for Be Be.

Harvey, 4, Surrey

Good luck, Clara, we all hope you do well, you got this! Xxxx

Rosie, 13, Luton

Go on, Roman Lad.

Tom, 13, Frodsham

Good luck daddy on your first marathon!!

Oliver, 5 months, Mansfield

Run, daddy, run! We are so proud of you and hope you enjoy your race.

Olivia, 10, Jacob, 7, and Owen, 5, Somerset

Good luck, Roman. You can do this. 😘

Helsby High School

Good luck, daddy, you are awesome!

William, Swindon

Good luck, Tim, so, so proud of you for doing this. You are amazing.

Jen, Swindon

Keep going, mum!

Hannah, 16, Cumbria

Come on daddy (Dale), we love you and are so proud! Lots of love. 😊

Johnny, 10, Camilla, 7, and the Davis Family

Good luck Mr Newell, your class are so so proud of you, you're amazing! Well done! X

Jasmin and Alice, Surrey

Wishing Miss Mackinder lots of luck from everyone at Chuter Ede Primary School - you're a true inspiration!

Chuter Ede Primary School, Nottingham

Good luck, Rebecca English, running for Evelina and our babies!

Emma, Tony, Ollie and Betsy

Just want to wish all the runners good luck. We have 600 ice poles waiting to cool you down.

The Palmer Family

Good luck, Uncle Tim! You can do it.

Leila, 7, Hackney

Wishing our daddy, Andrew, lots of luck on his first London Marathon. We love you very much and you are our hero. xxx

Grace and William

Good luck for everyone taking part and I hope you have fun! Looking out for the coolest and funniest costumes!

Alice, 9, Abingdon

Good luck, Mr Holmes! We will look out for the cap!

Class 72a, Foremarket Hall Prep School

Good luck to everyone running the London Marathon tomorrow! Always remember that we are all behind each and every one of you! Run with your heads held high!

Bella, Evesham

I would just like to say good luck to everyone. You can do it! I hope you all finish. And again, good luck. :)

Eleanor, 11, Bolton

Good luck, Uncle Richard - running to raise money for Cancer Research. We are very proud of you. x

Lucas, 7, Devon

Good luck, Mrs Whiteley! You can do it!

Class 5HC, Forres Sandle Manor School, Hampshire

Good luck, runners. Do your very best. I am very proud.

Hannah, 13, South Lanarkshire

Good luck to my brother, Simon, who is running to raise money for the Children with Cancer UK - the Mr Men and Little Miss team. Such a wonderful charity. You are an inspiration to the whole family, your nieces are so proud. xx

Becky, Rich, Soph and Jess, Yorkshire

Good luck, everyone, you'll do great.

Sky-Louise, 11, Doncaster

Good luck, David from Manchester, who is running to raise money for the Together Trust.

Kathleen, Malc, Andrew, and Hannah

Good luck all people who are running the marathon, especially my incredible mum, Catherine.

Daisy, 9, Bristol

I hope all of you do well in the London Marathon!

Isabel, Bedfordshire

Good luck to all the marathon runners. Never give up and try your best!

Izzy, 11, Hereford

Good luck to Jane from Gibraltar. Run, walk or skip, we are all supporting you.

Grace & James, Gibraltar

Good luck Auntie Jane, you're EPIC!

Love from Ben and Holly xx

Good luck and do your best.

Jessica, 16, London