Massive new spider with red fangs discovered in caves in Mexico

Last updated at 12:22
New species of spiderSan Diego Natural History Museum
The new spider with its red fangs!

If you're scared of spiders, then you wouldn't want to meet this hairy creature in a dark place!

Researchers have discovered a new species of spider living in caves in Mexico.

They noticed its unusually large size and two terrifying red fangs - ewwwwww!

Our emoji face right now is definitely the monkey covering its eyes.

The Sierra Cacachilas wandering spiderSan Diego Natural History Museum
The creature is called the Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider

The spider was first spotted back in 2013 but it's taken four years for scientists to officially confirm it as a new species.

It's called the "Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider" and is in the same family as the much-feared, venomous Brazilian wandering spider.

Get this - the spider can grow up to 10cm in length.

Remind me not to go to a cave in Mexico any time soon!