What do you think of Harry's new single?

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What do YOU think of Harry Styles' new single?

Harry Styles has finally unveiled his new single called Sign Of The Times.

It's his first song since his boy band One Direction announced they were taking a break in January 2016.

He told BBC Radio 1, which played the track: "It's the song I'm most proud of writing."

After Jenny went to find out what some kids in Liverpool thought about the track, we want to hear from some of you!

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Your Comments:

I quite like Harry's new single but the only thing is that it is a bit sad.

Finn, 9, Bristol

It's very slow and I think that's because he's still sad about the split-up with his former band. If he made it more lively, it would improve a lot!

Olivia, 11, London

Harry's new album is great! The song is well-written and I like the beginning as it starts slow and then gets a bit faster and slow again. Zayn's and Niall's singles were great as well. You can't compare them to Harry's solo as all of them have different style.

Alice, Birmingham

We'll I'm not a big fan of Harry styles and I don't like his new single on his own. sorry to all of his fans.

Lauren, London

I love Harry Styles' new single, I am his biggest fan and the way the music matches his voice is just beautiful.

Leila, 11, London

When Harry was on 1D, I liked his vocals a little bit but now I just think they are dreadful.

Ben, 11, Lewisham