Term-time holidays - have your say

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Is it ever OK to go on holiday during term time?

In a big court case, judges have decided that parents are NOT allowed to take children on holiday during the school term, unless the head teacher agrees.

It's after a dad was fined for taking his daughter out of school for a family holiday to Disney World in the United States, without getting the school's permission.

There have been lots of arguments about this because many people think holidays outside of school terms are too expensive, and many parents feel they should have the choice to go on cheaper breaks during a school term.

But schools say being absent without permission disrupts the education of a child, and also the work of other pupils and teachers.

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Your Comments:

I think you should be able to go off for a few days, but not for one or two weeks.

Kate, 9, Aberdeen

I think the holiday companies should reduce the prices of the holidays so people can afford them. I think if a loved one has passed away then fair enough. But not for too long.

Hope, Scotland

I do not think that children should be able to go on holiday during term times. There is no reason why you could not just wait until the holidays. Except if it was a special occasion such as weddings or funerals.

Lucy, 9, West Yorkshire

I think if it's a few days it is okay, but if it's more than a week that isn't right because they'll miss out on work and homework.

Amber, 11, London

I think children should be allowed to go on holiday because it's good to have some family time. However, if it is longer than a week then they shouldn't be allowed.

Olivia, 10, Kent