Support rally for yellow car owner in Cotswolds

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Yellow car convoy
'We are having a celebration of anything yellow' organisers of the yellow car procession said.

Yellow car owners have joined together in support of a man who was targeted for the colour of his car in a village in Cotswolds.

Around 100 yellow cars drove together through the village of Bibury in a big procession.

This was because Peter Maddox, who lives in the village, had been bullied by people saying the colour of his car was "ugly" and ruined people's photos.

Peter Maddox and his yellow carSWNS
Peter said he was 'overwhelmed' by the support shown for his yellow car

The village of Bibury is quite popular with tourists for being a traditional British village.

Some of its cottages are even owned by the National Trust, and are some of the most photographed houses in the country.

Peter lives nearby to these cottages and when people took photos of them, his bright car could be seen in the background.

Tourists take photo of carSWNS
Arlington Row in the village of Bibury attracts tourists from around the world

Some people posted mean comments about the car online, and others even damaged the car to try to get him to move it.

The yellow car procession was organised by Matty Bee, from Coventry, and Peter said he was "overwhelmed" by the show of support for his yellow car.