Who do you think will win The Voice?

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Meet the finalists of The Voice 2017

The final of The Voice is happening this weekend, and we want to know who you think will win...

Michelle John, Mo Adeniran, Into The Ark and Jamie Miller all made it through the semi-finals last week.

With Max Vickers, Craig Ward, Truly Ford and Jason Jones being sent home.

Meaning coach Gavin Rossdale is the only one without any acts left in the final.

Find out more about the contestants here.

But, we want to know who your favourite is, and who you think will win it...

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Your comments

I want Jamie to win. I love all of them!

Grace, 8, Southport

I think Jamie or Into the ark should win. I love Jamie as he isn't afraid to show his emotions . Into the ark are also very unique.

Hope, 16, Scotland

I think that Jamie should win the voice, he's my personal favourite. All the other acts are amazing as well, they've got great voices! It's a shame that Gavin has none of his in the final. I think that Jennifer has the two best on her team!

Shriya,10, London