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Harry Styles' first song is coming out

As Harry becomes the latest One Direction band member to announce solo material, Newsround asks what are the rest of the gang up to these days?
Harry's new single is called "Sign of the Times" and it comes out on April 7th. Will it be the "Best Song Ever"? We'll have to wait and see. Since 1D's break, he's been a busy boy - he'll also be appearing in a big blockbuster film this summer about World War II, called "Dunkirk". And perhaps most importantly - he's cut all his hair off... No, seriously!
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Liam Payne has just announced he's become a dad! His partner, Cheryl - former X-factor judge and pop star - posted this picture of Liam with their newborn baby on social media. Music-wise he's worked with a few other singers, but there's no sign of any proper solo songs just yet. And don't hold your breath, he'll be "Up All Night" changing nappies for a while...
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Good old Niall, he's been working hard on his music. Having co-written many of 1D's songs his first single "This Town" came out in 2016 and got to number 9 in the charts. He's also been involved in sport, even working as a golf caddy for Rory McIlroy. He's also done charity concerts to raise money for cancer research and UNICEF. "One Way or Another" we think we'll be hearing from him soon!
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"Just Hold On" was Louis' first single (with Steve Aoki) and he became the first 1D-er to go back on X-Factor to perform it. He's also set up his own record label: Triple Strings Ltd. Outside of music he came very close to buying his favourite football team - Doncaster Rovers. The deal didn't happen but he didn't let it "Drag Me Down" and he's still involved with the club. He's also a dad, with a son called Freddie Reign born in 2016.
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Zayn has gone on to have loads of success since he broke hearts by leaving One Direction in 2015. He's had a number album "Mind of Mine" and a number one song with "Pillowtalk". Which is pretty "Perfect" going! His second single "Still got Time" came out in March 2017 and a new album is expected soon!
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Ah, the good old days - these boys've got a whole lot of "History". Zayn left the band in 2015 and the rest of the boys announced a temporary break from performing as One Direction in 2016, apparently for 18 months. But will we see them all back together again? Watch this space.
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