Comments: Who's got the smelliest shoes in your house?

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Yuck! Stinky Sneaker Contest winner revealed in USA

An American boy's smelly sneakers have earned him the title of "Smelliest Sole" at the 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest in New York, USA.

Connor Slocombe was awarded with the golden sneaker trophy as his toes poked through the front of his rotten trainers.

We've all got a pair of really bad-smelling trainers somewhere in the house.

So, Newsround asked you which member of your family would win the prize for stinkiest shoes!

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Who's got stinky shoes in your house?
  • Tell us which one of your family members has smelly trainers
  • What do they smell like?
  • What do they do to make them so stinky?

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Your comments

Me and my twin brother, they smell like sweaty gooey socks!

James, Hastings, England

Me! They smell like boiled cauliflower and mouldy cheese. I think it's just natural.

Martha, London, England

Me and they stink like blue cheese!

Megan, Hastings, England

My dad's shoes have to be the smelliest!

Lucas, Devon, England

My Dad because he is working every day and has stinky feet.

Yasmin, Hastings, England

My dad's shoes can be really smelly after he has run home.

Jessica, London, England

My whole family!

Ryan, Hastings, England