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Pictures: The damage caused by Cyclone Debbie in Australia

Check out these powerful pictures of a huge storm, Cyclone Debbie, and its effect on parts of Australia.
A powerful cyclone carrying winds of up to 163 miles per hour has battered Australia. This photo was captured by the MODIS instrument aboard Nasa's Aqua Satellite. It shows tropical Cyclone Debbie as it approached the coast of the north- eastern state of Queensland on 27 March.
Aerial shot of cyclone DebbieEuropean Press Agency
Thousands of people were told to evacuate their homes before the storm hit. Here, you can see storm clouds gathering in the town of Ayr in far north Queensland as Cyclone Debbie approached.
Storm clouds gatherPETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images
Some families took shelter and kept safe at evacuation centres like this one in Ayr, Australia.
Family talking shelter from cyclone DebbieEuropean Photopress Agency
Cyclone Debbie, a 'monster' category four storm, landed near Airlie Beach in Queensland. This aerial photo of Australia and Cyclone Debbie is from the Bureau of Meterology on 28 March 2017.
Aerial photo of Australia with cyclone DebbieEuropean Photopress Agency
The storm left at least 63,000 homes without power and damaged buildings. Here you can see strong winds and rain battering Airlie Beach.
Wind and rain battering treesEuropean Photopress Agency
This fallen tree lies next to a building at Airlie Beach. More than 2,000 emergency workers were on standby, waiting until Cyclone Debbie passed and it was safe to help.
Fallen tree outside buildingEuropean Photopress Agency
Officials are starting to assess the damage. The Australian military has been sent to places that are blocked off by flooding. The Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said the state was well-prepared to handle the aftermath of the storm. Here, Australian Defence Force personnel watch as a helicopter takes off to join the relief efforts.
helicopter takes off near the Bowen airportReuters
This car can't go any further because of flood water from the storm's torrential rain.
Car stopped by flood watersEuropean Photopress Agency
Cyclone Debbie ripped roofs from buildings. This is the view of the damage on Hamilton Island after the storm hit the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland.
Buildings without roofsDennis Garrett/AFP/Getty Images
Some boats smashed against the rocks at Shute Harbour in Airlie Beach. Other boats sank during the storm.
Boat smashed against rocksEuropean Photopress Agency
Locals had to use public phones to let friends and relatives know they were safe. Now, people will be helping to clear up the damage caused by Cyclone Debbie.
Locals queue to use a public phone in Airlie BeachEuropean Photopress Agency