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National Whale and Dolphin watch breaks records

At least three humpback whales, a sperm whale, striped dolphins, and a group of 500 common dolphins were among 1424 sightings in the UK in the 2016 watch!
The 2016 National Whale & Dolphin Watch was the most successful ever, according to the Sea Watch Foundation, with 20% more sightings recorded than in 2015.
Dolphin in the UKDolphin Spotting Boat Trips (New Quay)
Twelve difference species were spotted, including dolphins, porpoises, and whales like this fin whale.
fin whaleJ Bompar/ Sea Watch Foundation
7622 animals were spotted, including some which came in big groups - there was even a pod of 500 dolphins!
White beaked dolphinOcean Explorer/ Sea Watch Foundation
As well as 79 'watch sites' on land, 102 boats were involved in the event, including some with tourists on wildlife trips.
boat following dolphinsNewquay Sea Safaris & Fishing/ Sea Watch Foundatio
About half of the data recorded came from the boats, including sightings of long-finned pilot whales and striped dolphins which weren't spotted from the shore.
long-finned pilot whaleRW Baird/ Sea Watch Foundation
The weather made a big difference to how easy it was to spot animals, because heavy rain or choppy water can get in the way. Luckily this humpback whale popped up when it was calm!
Humpback whaleEilidh Watson/ Sea Watch Foundation
There were even sightings of orcas, which are dolphins, even though they sometimes get called 'killer whales'.
orcaJohn Irvine/ Sea Watch Foundation
In total, people watched the water for about 1200 hours, and it was worth it with an average of nearly one sighting every hour - well done everyone!
striped dolphinM Reichelt/ Sea Watch Foundation