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People have been celebrating the Indian festival Holi

People all over the world are celebrating Holi, the Hindu festival of colour today. People throw colourful paint powder at each other and have huge celebrations. Take a look at how some people have been celebrating in India.
Holi is a Hindu festival that came from India but is now celebrated all over the world
Woman with coloured powder in her hairAFP/Getty
The festival celebrates, spring, love, and new life - People throw coloured powder at each other until everything and everyone is covered in colour
Hands covering face in coloured powderAFP/getty
As a part of the celebration, people dance and eat special foods
People dancingAFP/getty
Holi aims to bring people from all different background together to celebrate.
Friends taking pictures after HoliAFP/getty
On the night before Holi, Hindus dress in their best clothes and watch a bonfire. The next morning, people put on old clothes and douse each other with coloured powders. It’s the one day of the year that parents encourage their children to get filthy!
Child with coloured powder in her hairAFP/Getty