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A history of Doctor Who's Cybermen in pictures

The next series of Doctor Who is just around the corner, and one of the Doctor's oldest enemies is making a comeback - the Mondasian Cybermen. We've been taking a look at the history of Cybermen on Dr Who...
This is the first picture of Peter Capaldi's Doctor facing the Mondasian Cybermen. The actor has long said that the Mondasians were his favourite baddie from the show, so we're guessing he's happy to get to battle them himself.
Peter Capaldi filming with Cybermen
Mondasian Cybermen, from the Planet Mondas, were the first ever Cybermen to appear on the show. They were pretty different to what we're used to seeing now. They wore silver jumpsuits and creepy cloth face masks, and they were a terrifying enemy - they almost killed the Doctor, forcing him to regenerate for the first time.
Mondasian Cybermen
Ever since their first appearance in 1966, the Cybermen have been an enemy that just won't go away. They've come back in lots of different forms to threaten several of the doctors.
Cybermen helmets
One of the first changes the Cybermen underwent was swapping the cloth mask for a solid metal helmet.
1968 Cyberman
The helmet's shape has changed several times since then. In this famous episode, called The Invasion, the Cybermen invaded Earth, climbing out of the sewers and marching down the steps of St Paul's Cathedral.
Cybermen next to St Paul's Cathedral in The Invasion, 1968
And different types of Cybermen get different helmets too, like this Cyber Controller.
Cyber Controller
The Cybermen were present, and as dangerous as ever, for both David Tennant and Matt Smith's Doctors, and Capaldi's Doctor has faced a version of them as well. But the finale of season 10 will be the first time that the original version returns to the show.
2005 Rise of the Cybermen