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Fetch, boy! Dogs training to be 'ball boys' and 'ball girls' at Brazil Open

These dogs are training hard to become "ball boys" and "ball girls" at the Brazil Open tennis tournament.
Six dogs have been specially trained to become ball dogs at this year's Brazil Open tennis tournament in Sao Paulo.
Ball dogAP
The cool thing is all of the dogs have come from an animal shelter and are looking for new homes. This dog is helping out Brazilian tennis player Marcelo Demoliner.
Ball dogEPA
The dogs are all wearing blue bandanas and will be fetching balls during the warm-ups on the semi-final and final days of the tournament.
Ball dogAP
The dogs haven't quite got the hang of giving the balls back to the players just yet!
Ball dogAP
The idea first started last year, when four dogs also became "ball boys" and "ball girls", and all four of them were adopted. One of them was even renamed Serena - after the famous tennis player Serena Williams - by her new owners.