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Pictures: Earliest Iron Age gold jewellery ever found discovered

Gold jewellery, including the earliest examples of Iron Age gold, have been found buried in a field in England.
X marks the spot! Gold treasure has been dug up in a field. It sounds like something in a story but it's real. Jewellery from the Iron Age has been discovered in Staffordshire in England.
Gold torcStaffordshire County Council
The collection is called the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs after the place they were found. The three necklaces and bracelet are believed to be about 2,500 years old.
Gold torcStaffordshire County Council
The collection is believed to include the earliest examples of Iron Age gold ever discovered in Britain.
Iron Age gold torcStaffordshire Council
The jewellery gives historians clues about people living at the time. Julia Farley of the British Museum said: "This unique find is of international importance."
Three gold necklaces and braceletJoe Giddens
So what is treasure? Gold and silver objects more than 300 years old, and prehistoric metals like copper and bronze are counted as treasure. If someone finds something they think could be treasure they have to report it. If it turns out to be historically important it is often displayed in a museum.
Leekfrith Iron Age TorcsStaffordshire County Council
The two men who found the jewellery were really surprised. They've given the gold to Portable Antiquities Scheme, which is part of Birmingham Museums. The friends say any money they get for their find they will share it with the people whose land the gold was found on.
Part of one of the gold necklaces.Staffordshire County Council