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Rare and beautiful fire rainbow over Singapore

Check out this rare fire rainbow and other colourful weather around the world.
A school teacher in Singapore saw this fire rainbow during playtime with her class. Some people call it an iridescent cloud but others say its proper name is a circumhorizon arc!
Fire rainbowChi Navarro
A circumhorizon arc is pretty rare because it only happens under certain conditions. The weather has to be exactly right to create a fire rainbow like this! It's not the only weather that gets people snapping...
Fire rainbowChi Navarro
Lots of people stopped to take a photo of this rainbow in Beijing. Rainbows aren't seen in the capital city of China very often because of the high levels of smog and other air pollution, so it was a pretty special moment.
A rainbow appears over the city on August 3, 2015 in Beijing, China.Getty Images
You might have heard people talking about blood rain... Blood rain happens a few times a year in the UK and it's when storms over the Sahara desert in Africa mix up dust and sand with rain clouds. The winds carry the dust and sand and after it rains, it leaves behind a 'reddish' layer of dust which can coat houses and cars in tiny sand particles.
RainGetty Images
Sandstorms or dust storms happen around the world and can leave a yellow haze, just like this one in Iraq. This colourful weather can be more dangerous than things like fire rainbows. This dust storm shut down the capital's airport and people are often advised to stay indoors until the storms like this pass.
Yellow haze after dust storm in IraqSABAH ARAR/AFP/Getty Images