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Pictures: 'Weather bomb', worst storm in years, hits California

The US state is hit by one of the worst storms in years, causing chaos with sudden floods and sinkholes.
The US state of California has been hit by one of the most powerful storms in recent years. Experts have called it a "weather bomb" - this is when a storm sweeps in really quickly, bringing with it really powerful winds and unusually high amounts of rain. In California it's caused sudden flooding and many people have had to be rescued from their cars.
Firefighters save woman from her carGetty Images
Experts are saying that the storm has produced the strongest winds to hit California in six years. Gusts of over 87mph have been reported on some of the highways in the state.
Truck overturned on Californian highwayAP
The strong winds have uprooted trees and blown over telephone poles and power lines. Hundreds of homes have been evacuated due to damage and fears of mudslides.
Winds have caused this tree to be blown onto a house.Getty Images
This motorway is normally packed full of cars, but it's had to be closed because of flooding. At least two people have died.
Empty motorwayGetty Images
The weather has caused car-swallowing sinkholes and power cuts to many areas. Thankfully no-one was in this car when it fell in the hole.
Sinkholes have opened up in the stateEVN
Hundreds of flights have been delayed or cancelled at Los Angeles International Airport and play at this golf tournament had to be suspended.
Play at golf course suspendedGetty Images
The rain is expected to continue and a weather expert has predicted that 10 trillion gallons of rain is going to fall on California in the next week. That would be enough to power Niagara Falls for the 154 days!
Man escapes flooding by getting on to busGetty Images