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Gallery: Baby hippo starts teething

Not too long ago, Cincinnati Zoo had a new arrival - Fiona the baby hippo, who was born six weeks early. She has now started to grow her first teeth! Let's have a look at how she's been getting on.
Fiona's first tooth has come through, which means that feeding can be a little bit more uncomfortable for her now.
Fiona the baby hippoCincinnati Zoo
As you can see, Fiona is much smaller than her mother called Bibi! She was born in the middle of the night on Tuesday 24 Jan, six weeks earlier than expected and 25lbs lighter than she should have been.
Fiona the baby hippoCincinnati Zoo/Dan Turoczi
Fiona was Bibi's first baby. When she was born, she appeared to be struggling - especially given that she was born so early. So staff at the zoo had to make the decision to step in to help her out to make sure that she would survive.
Fiona the baby hippoCincinnati Zoo
Now, the zookeepers and vets at Cincinnati Zoo are bringing up Fiona themselves, to give her the best possible chance in life. This means feeding her with a bottle, as you can see in this picture.
Fiona the baby hippoCincinnati Zoo
Experts explained how they had to study hippo milk to make sure that they gave Fiona what she needed. "Fortunately for us, various rescues and sanctuaries in Africa were able to provide us with critically helpful information based on their own experiences with caring for orphaned baby hippos," they said.
Fiona the baby hippoCincinnati Zoo
Even though Bibi is not looking after her own baby, she has been reunited with Fiona's dad - a hippo called Henry. Who knows if they might give Fiona a brother or sister in future?! Fiona is being looked after near to them, so they can hear and smell each other.
Fiona's parentsKathy Newton/Cincinnati Zoo
She was called Fiona because it means 'fair'. “[Her carers] think this name suits her personality,” the zoo said.
Fiona the baby hippoCincinnati Zoo