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Pictures: Lady Gaga wows in Super Bowl 51 half-time show

Lady Gaga rocked the half time show at the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston, USA.
No that isn't a giant silver bird or a super hero, it's Lady Gaga flying through the air in Houston's NRG stadium. She began her show on the roof of the stadium with 300 drones which sparkled like stars before forming the American flag in the sky over the stadium. Her first song of the night was a cover of an American folk song called 'This Land is My Land' by Woody Guthrie. The song has also been sung at recent protests in America because of its strong civil rights message.
Lady GagaChristopher Polk/Getty
Before her performance Gaga promised her show would be all about including everyone one regardless of their background and would celebrate the 'spirit of equality'.
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The NRG stadium in Houston holds more than 70,000 people and was packed from the front to back for 51st Super Bowl. Once just shown in the States the super bowl has grown in popularity over the last 51 years and is now broadcast in over 170 countries in 25 languages.
NRG stadium in HoustonGetty Images
The huge extravaganza had taken months to plan and was designed to amaze. Sponsors, Pepsi, said that the show would be 'uniquely Gaga'. Adding to the high tech drones, fans were given torches which flashed along to the beat of the music and even spelled out lyrics to Gaga's songs. Gaga powered through a selection of her hits such as 'Born this way' and 'Telephone' to the excited fans in Houston and those watching on TV's around the world.
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Gaga has always been known for her wild fashion sense and crazy outfits! She even wore a dress made out of raw meat for an awards ceremony once... There weren't any meat dresses on display this time, Gaga kept it a little more low-key. She only switched outfits once half way through, ditching the sci-fi looking sequined body suit for some sparkling shorts and blinged up American football body armour.
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After diving from the roof, flying through the air and running around in high-heeled boots, Gaga ended her set with one of her biggest songs 'Bad Romance'. She was joined by 40 backing dancers and finished the song on top of a giant glass staircase. Gaga then shouted 'Super Bowl 51' before jumping into the crowd holding a glittery silver football, Go on Gaga!
Lady Gaga jumps from stageGetty Images