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Selfies are supposed to be fun to take and share with your friends.

But a survey for Newsround suggests many of you are feeling pressure to look a certain way.

We asked a big group of 10 to 12-year-olds who have social media accounts about the selfies they share.

Half of them do post selfies but they said that looking good is important to more than four in five of them.

On average they took four selfies before they found one they would share.

One in five agreed that when they look at photos of celebrities on social media it makes them worry about how they look.

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I think if you take a good selfie people like you more

Cayden, 10, Scotland

I think selfies are awesome because you can have fun editing them and making silly faces

Samuel, 10, Scotland

I think taking selfies are a massive waste of time. People should spend more time trying to enjoy their lives like doing sports and spending time with friends

Eboni, 10, Scotland

People can copy your accounts by stealing your photos and pretending to be you. This can be very dangerous

Lewis, 10, Scotland