Scientists unveil new 'Bat Bot'

This robotic bat - or 'Bat Bot' - which copies the way that bats fly has just been unveiled by scientists in the USA.

Just like a real bat, this 'Bot' can move each wing separately, and can change the shape of its wings to make difficult manoeuvres.

Of course, it's not the first time robots have been designed to be like flying animals - we've seen lots of robotic birds and insects, but bats have more than 40 joints in their wings so copying them is a big challenge.

It's worth the challenge though - the team behind 'Bat Bot' say that it could be better at flying in small spaces, and through cities than other robots. They think it could be great in search and rescue operations.

The way it flaps is also quieter and more efficient than other drones and flying robots, so the battery power of this drone could last longer.

Footage courtesy of CalTech and UIUC.