'Sharenting': Are you OK with what your parents post?

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How do you feel about what your parents post on social media?

Parents can be embarrassing. We all know this!

Whether they're telling terrible jokes, dancing badly or saying cringey things in front of our friends! It's what they do best.

For Safer Internet Day 2017, we wanted to find out what you think about what parents do on social media. In particular, how you feel about them posting pictures of you.

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We wanted to find out what 10 to 12-year-olds think about their parents on social media

We went to speak to a big group of 10 to 12-year-olds who use social media and asked them.

Take our quiz and see if you can guess what they told us, then read on to find out more.

Do parents share photos of you online?

One the most popular reasons to use social media is to share pictures - whether that's of yourself, your friends, your family or places you've been.

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Posting pictures is a popular thing to do on social media

In fact, more than half of the group told Newsround they like to post selfies on social media.

(You can find out more about what they told us about selfies here.)

But sometimes, other people - like parents - might share pictures of you.

Two in 3 told us that their parents post pictures of them online.

How do you feel about that?

If parents post pictures of you on their social media accounts, do they always ask if that's OK? And are you happy with what they've posted?

It would seem not always. More than 1 in 4 told us they actually feel embarrassed, anxious or worried when their parents do it.


However, more than 2 in 5 did say that it made them feel happy or proud, so there are different opinions about this.

Is it just parents that do it?

It's not just parents that might post pictures of you online though.

Over 1 in 4 said they had been unhappy with a photo that someone else has posted on social media - perhaps a friend, a sibling or another relative.


Almost 2 in 5 said they felt sad, anxious or nervous when this happened.

Why might you not be happy?

There are many reasons for being unhappy with a picture someone posts of you online, but according to this group, not liking the way you looked and not being asked first were the main reasons.

Having a picture of yourself online that you don't like doesn't always have a negative impact, though.

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Two in 5 said it didn't affect them if someone had posted a photo of them online that they weren't happy with

Two in 5 told us that it doesn't actually affect them.

If you're at all worried about what to do if anyone has posted a picture online that you don't like, click here for expert advice about what to do.

There are also many more tips about staying safe online here.