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Pictures: Seven adventurous animals

This week, a meat-eating praying mantis was found in a shipping container giving people a bit of a surprise. So let's have a look back at Newsround's top adventurous animals.
This might look like a leaf but its not! It's a praying mantis, a meat-eating insect which had travelled to England in a shipping container all the way from India. The RSPCA was called and they took the little critter to a specialist exotic animals centre. The RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Catherine Strawford said: “It isn’t unusual for us to get calls about spiders coming over from abroad but it is rare for us to get called about a praying mantis. This particular one is very lucky as they have very delicate bodies, which has travelled 4,800 miles across the world!”
Praying mantisRSPCA
A family in the US got quite a shock when they woke up to find an unexpected visitor in their basement! According to the Idaho Mountain Express, a moose had fallen in through an open window. The woman who owned the house said the moose was very "polite" and caused hardly any damage. Luckily, the animal wasn't hurt and was released back into the wild.
MooseIdaho Fish and Game
Here is something you have probably never seen before - 80 falcons strapped in, ready for take-off. These feathery fellas are actually owned by a Prince from Saudi Arabia who obviously decided he couldn't travel without them. Falconry is extremely popular in Saudi Arabia and lots of airlines in the area actually allow people to bring their birds with them when they travel. Usually the limit is 6, but we think this Prince may have some friends in high places to get 80 birds on board!
Falcons on a planeLensoo
Here is a strange sight - a horse looking like it wants to hop on the bus! This is Invictor, a police horse giving some support to his commanding officer, who is actually on the bus helping a man who had collapsed. A spokesman for the Met Police said Invictor was "showing he's a team player". The man was fine and Invictor's support was much appreciated by his colleague. It's a good job he wasn't after a ride because we don't think he would have had the correct change or a bus pass...
Horse on a busSimon Crowcroft
Can you spot the odd thing about this photo? Ok, so it isn't that well hidden, but look it's a sailing chicken! This is Guirec - a 24-year-old from France and his friend Monique...who is a chicken. The pair have been travelling together on a trip around the world since 2014. Guirec said: "The hen was an ideal choice. It doesn't need that much looking after and I'm able to get eggs at sea."
Monique the chicken and Guirec
Anyone would be shocked to open their car bonnet and see this little face staring back at them. That's exactly what happened when Betty Boop the dog got herself caught inside a car bonnet and taken on a 12-mile journey around Greater Manchester! It was only when a neighbour came home and heard barking that Betty Boop was found.
Betty Boop the dog
This turkey was snapped on a flight in the US and is thought to be an 'emotional support animal'. This means they are animals that help people to calm down. They are becoming more and more popular. It's thought that for people who are scared of flying, using animals can make the experience much less scary.
Turkey on a plane
Dogs catch buses all the time, right? But usually they have their owner with them. Well, Eclipse the Labrador is an independent kind of hound and gets the bus to the dog park on her own! Her owner then meets up with her to go for a nice walk. Many residents and bus drivers around Seattle know Eclipse and say that they like seeing her furry face on the buses.
Eclipse the dogcbs