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Seven things you'd never believe are made out of food

A wedding bouquet made out of pizza? Really?? Sounds delicious!! But what about some other things that you would probably never expect to be made out of food...
Eating your wedding bouquet is not usually something a bride would want to do. But check out this one - made of pizza! It's the idea of an Italian restaurant chain in the US. The dough, tomatoes, cheese and pepperoni are all rolled up to look like flowers....well, sort of!
A bride holding a bouquet made out of pizzaVilla Italian Kitchen
A company in Switzerland has made a watch using cheese! It was sold by the world famous auction house Christies for over £73,000 pounds along with another watch, also made from cheese! A lot more than you usually pay for a dairy product I'm sure you'll agree, but this isn't the first time that food has been used to make unusual things.
Swiss watch made out of cheeseH. Moser & Cie
This recreation of the famous painting called the Mona Lisa was certainly not made using paint. A designer called Emma Green took three days to create the masterpiece out of toast! It used 160 slices of thick white bread to make and is 2.5 metres tall.
Mona Lisa painting made out of toastPress Association
In 2013, Guinness World Records declared that this building in Texas was the biggest gingerbread house that had ever been built. It was made of real gingerbread panels and decorated all over with sweets. Yum!
World's largest gingerbread house in TexasReuters
Lady Gaga was criticised in 2010 when she wore a dress made out of meat to the MTV Video Music Awards in America.
Lady Gaga in her meat dressGetty Images
These amazing tables are actually made out of stale bread baguettes! They were created by Gosia and Tomek Rygalik at the Vienna Design Week Laboratory to show how we throw away so much food waste that could actually be put to good use.
Baguette tablesStudio Rygalik
When you finish your drink, you might wash up your cup or even throw it away, if it's disposable. But a company called Loliware wants to change that by encouraging you to eat your cup after you've finished your drink! The edible cups come in four different flavours.