Middlesbrough fan gets a visit from his footie hero

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Henry wrote to Marten De Roon as part of a school project

Check out this footie fan who wrote to his Middlesbrough hero - he wasn't expecting a reply in person!

As part of a school project, 'Boro fan Henry decided to write a letter to his favourite player: Marten de Roon.

Henry wanted to let Marten know that he thought was "the best footballer in the whole, entire world."

In the letter, he said: 'I have known you since you signed Middlesbrough Football Club, I have been inspired by you since."

Henry's letterChris Baines
Henry wrote to Marten De Roon as part of a school project

"I would love to grow up like you... I wish I could meet you."

Marten De Roon must've been pretty pleased with the letter - who wouldn't be! - and he made a surprise visit to Henry's house.

We don't know what mark Henry got for his project from his teacher but he definitely went to bed happy!

Henry in bedChris Baines
Judging by Henry's bedspread he really is a massive Boro fan!

Afterwards Marten said it was so cool to be someone's idol!!