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In Pics: Five animals named after famous people

Donald Trump has just had a new species of moth named after him, so here are some other animals named after famous people. Check out the gallery.
Donald Trump now has a moth-lookalike and scientists have named it after him. The moth was discovered by scientist Dr Vazrick Nazari when they were looking at a collection of moths from the Museum of Entomology, at the University of California in America, and was named Neopalpa donaldtrumpi. The scientist said the moth's bright blonde scales and unique hairdo reminded them of the president-elect.
Trump MothDr. Vazrick Nazari / getty images
Barack Obama has done a lot to help preserve our natural world, including sea life. He was honoured for his conservation work in the Pacific when scientists named a maroon and gold fish Tosanoides Obama, after him. It was found off Kure Atoll at the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument near Hawaii.
Obama FishGetty Images / R. L. Pyle
This beautiful butterfly was named Euptychia attenboroughi in honour of Sir David, who has a huge love of butterflies. They live in tropical forests in places like Colombia and Brazil and are very, very rare. This isn't the only animal named after Sir Attenborough. There are actually a number of creatures bearing his famous name.
Prince Charles is famous for being the Queen's son, but also for his work to help protect rainforests around the world! To honour him, a species of tree frog was named after him. Hyloscirtus princecharlesi, or the Prince Charles stream tree frog, was first discovered by Dr Luis A Coloma in 2008 among specimens collected from Cotacachi-Cayapas National Park, Ecuador for a museum.
Hyloscirtus princecharlesiGetty Images/AARK
You will most probably recognise the man on the left as Sith Lord, Darth Vader. But don't worry if you cant name the beetle next to him. It is in fact a slime beetle called Agathidium vaderi. The slime beetle was named by scientists Kelly B Miller and Quentin D Wheeler because its "broad, shiny, helmet-like head" reminded them of the Star Wars villain. Easy to see why!
Vader BeetleGetty Images/Frances Fawcett © Cornell University