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Your weather pictures

The UK has been hit by some intense weather that will carry on throughout this week, here are a few of your weather pictures.
Children from Irvine in North Ayrshire have taken advantage of the sprinkle of snow . They went out to throw some snowballs, make mini snowmen and have some snow fun.
And it's not just North Ayrshire that's been getting snow, kids from all across Scotland have been experiencing the wintery weather, it looks like these kids from South Lanarkshire had quite a bit of snow.
Snowy weather in Scotland
Isaac & Elliott from Glasgow have said they are looking forward to walking to school this morning in the snow!
Snow covered garden in Glasgow
Ceira from Southend-on-sea in Essex woke up to a snowy garden and snow on the rooftops.
Snow covered garden and rooftops in Southend-on-sea
One class in Bedford are very excited to be watching the first snow fall of the year from their classroom this morning!
Snowy school in Bedford
Seven-year-old Caitlyn hopes the snow in her back garden in Eastbourne doesn't melt.
Snowy garden in Eastbourne
One school in East Ayrshire had lots of fun playing in the snow. They made snow angels and a snowman called Mr Toff!
Snowy school playground in East Ayrshire
Amneak from Malvern says 'look at the hill'! In the distance, you can see where the snow's fallen.
Hill covered in snow
Tamzin and Amber from Manchester created this snowman. Check out the carrot for its nose. It's even got its own scarf!
Two girls and their snowman
Ayla and Ellis from Bromley had fun building this giant snowman. They said thanks Dad for letting us stay out late!
Children and snowman
And here's Ayla with the snowman this morning to show us it's still standing. What great snowman-making skills. And what big teeth it has!
Child and snowman
From big to little... Nine-year-old Olivia from Dundee made this miniature igloo village. Awesome!
Miniature igloo village made from snow