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Five of the best homemade creations

From building giant Lego statues to a miniature ski resort, here are five of the best homemade hobbies.
A teenager from Austria built his very own miniature ski resort in his back garden, it's even got real snow.
Miniature ski resortEvn
Kevin created chair lifts, ski slopes, and skiers as part of his mini ski village. We think it's brrr-illiant!
Miniature ski resortEvn
This rollercoaster is in Lyle Pemble's backyard. He helped his dad design and build it in 2014. The ride is nearly 200 feet long and took about six weeks to build.
Back yard rollercoasterThe CoasterDad Project
The coaster is powered only by the force of gravity and is made of wood. Definitely not one to try at home.
Back yard rollercoasterThe CoasterDad Project
Tim Jones from Suffolk built a giant pirate ship in his back garden in September 2014 . He spent around six months creating the captain's cabin, deck and seven metre mast.
Tim Jones' pirate ship in FelixstoweTim Jones
This family has been making statues out of Lego for years as a Christmas tradition, this 2016 one is of this giant polar bear. They start the project in mid October and it usually takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.
Mike Addis and his wife with their model polar bear.Addis family
These are just a few of the models that the family have made over the years. The children started off taking part but now they are grown ups they're a bit embarrassed by their mum and dad's creations.
Choir singers and a model houseAddis family
A group of friends in New York built an igloo in their back garden after snow caused lots of problems in January 2016 in America.
The igloo had blankets, cushions and candles inside. They even tried to rent it out for people to stay in. What a cool idea!
Cushions and blanket inside the iglooPATRICK HORTON