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In Pictures: Snow hits Europe

Parts of Europe have been hit by heavy snow with even holiday destinations like the Greek islands being affected.
For the last couple of days parts of Europe have been hit by snow, check out these guys riding on a sledge in Crimea.
People enjoying the snow.Getty Images
Temperatures across Europe have dipped lower than -20 degrees Celsius. Low temperatures have even affected the Mediterranean island of Cyprus
Snow plough getting to workGetty Images
The snow has affected transport and made it difficult for people to get around. Here is the view in Santeramo in southern Italy.
Italy covered in snowGetty Images
It is causing big problems for refugees and the homeless who don't have suitable homes to deal with the cold weather, like here in Istanbul in Turkey.
Refugee boy in TurkeyGetty Images
It's hoped that the temperature will rise in the coming days but for now people in Croatia are enjoying the snow.
Sledging with the dogGetty Images