Chat: Let It Shine or The Voice, which did you prefer?

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The Voice and Let it shine went head to head on Saturday night

Talent shows Let It Shine and The Voice went head to head last night in the battle for Saturday night television.

The Voice has moved over from the BBC to ITV this year and there were a couple of new changes to the line-up. Sir Tom Jones has returned to the show after a years absence while Oscar winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson and rock-star Gavin Rossdale are new additions.

The BBC have launched their new singing show called Let It Shine in which Gary Barlow is leading the search for the cast of a Take That musical.

We wanted to know if you tuned in to either of the shows last night and which one you think won the battle for Saturday night TV?

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Last night I watched both Let It Shine and The Voice but by far I would rather watch Let It Shine as it is so different and I really enjoyed

Kitty, London

I preferred The Voice because there was a lot more talent and it was more interesting to watch.

Olivia, Staffordshire

I preferred Let It Shine as it has a new way of voting.

Charlie, Cheshire

I enjoyed watching Let It Shine but nothing can beat the spinning chairs on The Voice!!

Mia, Bournemouth

I was watching The Voice because it's amazing!

Dylan, Greater Manchester

I preferred Let It Shine because it was brand new and a lot better than the voice, which is just getting repetitive.

Marley, Hull

I watched Let It Shine because the Voice is not that interesting.

William, Cambridge

I was watching The Voice as it was more appealing but the commercial breaks did get annoying.

Tara, Leicester

I think that The Voice is better because it's really funny when all the judges start arguing over a contestant.

Ibrahim, Hull

I watched Let It Shine last night but normally I would watch The Voice

Lizzie, UK

I watched both of the shows. I preferred Let it shine last night. I think Let it shine won the battle for Saturday night TV.


I much prefer The Voice because I've seen it for 4 years and I really love it. I love it because I think it is really competitive and the singers have better voices than on the other shows.

George, Buckinghamshire

I preferred the voice last night, I'm so glad Sir Tom Jones's back!!

Daisy, Norfolk