The 52-million-year-old berry and other really old foods

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The 52-million-year-old fruit fossilPeter Wilf, Penn State

A 52 million-year-old fruit fossil has been discovered in South America.

The ancient berry is from the same family of plants as potatoes, tomatoes and peppers.

On the fossil, you can see the lines of the papery wrapping that grew around the fruit, which turned into coal during fossilisation.

It was found in the Patagonia area of Argentina and researchers are hoping to find lots more plant fossils there.

That's not the only place where old food can been found. We'd recommend you didn't eat these examples, which are all definitely way past their sell-by date!

Two-thousand-year-old bog butter

Prehistoric lump of bog butterCavan County Museum/PA
Have you ever seen a lump of butter this big?

This huge 2,000-year-old lump of butter was found in a bog near Drakerath in Ireland last year.

It probably wouldn't fit inside your fridge - it weighs as much as 10 large bags of sugar.

Conditions in bogs are good for preserving things so the butter is in a good state, even though it's so old.

It does, however, smell like strong cheese. We're not sure which would smell worse, this butter, or...

Three-hundred-and-forty-year-old cheese

A 340-year-old cheeseThe Kronan Project/Kalmar County Museum
Cheese that no longer looks like cheese after being stuck on the seabed for 340 years

Last year, divers were exploring a shipwreck buried deep under the sea near Sweden when they found this jar.

They didn't know there was cheese inside until the journey to the surface caused some of the contents to leak, releasing a very strong smell.

The stinky discovery was made when the team were investigating the wreck of the Kronan, a warship that sank 340 years ago.

Now that's taking mature cheddar to the extreme!

Sixty-year-old cake

In 2015, an American couple revealed they were still eating their wedding cake, 60 years after it was first baked in 1955.

Ann and Ken Fredericks, from Florida, decided to eat one piece of the fruit cake every year to celebrate the day they got married.

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Watch the couple eating 60-year-old cake

They said their children were horrified at them eating such old food but insist that it still tastes as good as ever!

We're wondering how long it'll take them to finish the whole cake...