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From sports stars to royalty, our top five fab dabs

Teenager Cal Marshall stole the show when he dabbed during an official ceremony for his father's new job. Here are Newsround's fab spotlight stealing dabs.
Loads of people are dabbing these days, but sometimes you can steal the show with it. Here's the son of US politician Roger Marshall taking the spotlight away from his father. Roger is smiling at the camera during an official ceremony for the start of his new job, unaware of what son Cal is doing behind. Here are five more spotlight stealing dabs...
Roger Marshall's son dabbingC-SPAN
Perhaps this dab gets the royal seal of approval - Prince Harry has shown he's a fan of the dab, doing it in public more than once. He seems to have got a good reaction from the school pupils watching on.
Prince Harry doing the dabGetty Images
Footballer Paul Pogba is well known for celebrating with a dab and has been doing it for a very long time. It's popular with lots of sporting stars to celebrate a goal or a win.
Paul PogbaGetty Images
Now at Manchester United, Pogba's still dabbing and team mate Jesse Lingard is also sharing his love for the dab.
Jesse LingardGetty Images
And former tennis world number one, Victoria Azarenka, can be seen dabbing after winning a match.
Victoria AzerGetty Images
Even Paralympic double gold medallist Kadeena Cox loves the dab. She dabbed in front of the world to celebrate winning at the Paralympics in Rio and gave some tips Newsround presenter Naz.
Nazia Mogra and Kadeena Cox do the DabNazia Mogra