CES 2017: What new tech can we look forward to?

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Man wearing headset at CES showGetty Images

One of the biggest and most important technology shows in the world is kicking off in Las Vegas in the US this week.

The Consumer Electronics Show - known as CES - will start on Thursday and finish on Sunday.

At the show, companies will show off some of their latest exciting gadgets.

It is extra special as it's the event's 50th anniversary this year.

The first ever CES was originally held in New York back in 1967 and more than 17,000 people attended.

EHang 184 autonomous-flight droneGetty Images
Last year, visitors checked out thousands of gadgets, including this drone that can carry a person!

According to the Consumer Technology Association, there will be 1,745 companies from the UK going along to the show this year and around 177,000 people are expected to head to the show.

Here's some of the bits of technology to look out for at this year's event...

Creating stories

One gadget being shown at CES is an interactive speaker called Lunii, which lets you make up your own bedtime stories.

The user chooses where the story takes place, who's in it and what they do - and then the speaker reads the story out.

Someone holding Lunii
The Lunii allows you to control your own bedtime stories

Leaving reality

VR headsets are still hugely popular and lots of new ones are currently being developed and shown off at CES.

One company called Fove has made a headset which allows you to control a game using just your eyes, as it can track where you are looking.

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Controlling gadgets

There's lots of new tech at CES which use voice and movement control instead of pressing buttons.

A French company called Bixi will be showing off a device that lets a person control their tablet or smartphone by waving their hand.

A hand waving across Bixi
You can use a Bixi to control other devices by just waving your hand

For example, you could use it to change the volume of your music by waving your hand down.

Getting healthy

Many people like to use technology to help them to stay healthy and lots of these gadgets are expected to be on show at CES.

One company from Israel will be displaying its device called the TytoHome which works a bit like Baymax from Big Hero 6.

The TytohomeTytocare
You can take measurements about your health using the Tytohome gadget

This gadget allows families to take health measurements, like heart rate and breathing patterns, and send the information to the doctors.

The idea is that it could mean fewer people would need to make the trip to see the doctor in person.

Helping at home

One company from London will be launching a robot called Olly, who you can talk to and ask questions.

The Olly robotEmotech
The Olly robot is said to be special as it can tell what people's personalities are like and change how it behaves

The interesting thing about it is it behaves differently depending on who it's with!

This is just some of the technology that will be on display at CES.

We'll have more updates on what other exciting gadgets will be at the show later this week.