Chat: What are you looking forward to in 2017?

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Ricky looks ahead at some of the big events happening in 2017

It's a brand new year and Newsround wants to know what you're looking forward to in 2017!

Is there a big sporting event that you're excited about or a new hobby you're taking up?

Will you be changing schools this year or celebrating a birthday that you're looking forward to?

Or perhaps there's a special trip you're heading off on?

Whatever you're looking forward to in 2017, let us know! Get typing and send us your comments!

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  • What are you looking forward to in 2017?
  • Is there something you're excited about in the year ahead?
  • Perhaps you'll be starting a new school, taking up a hobby, going on a holiday or looking forward to a big sporting event?

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Your Comments

I'm most excited for flying to Italy to see my auntie who lives there.

Caitlin, 11, County Londonderry

I like to see Little Mix on tour.

Scott, 10, Christchurch

I am looking forward to my holiday, seeing Harry Potter in concert and the Vamps in concert. I am also looking forward to my cheerleading competitions.

Sarah, 13, Manchester

I'm excited about going to Australia to meet my new baby cousin.

Sasha, 9, Liverpool

I'm looking forward to going to my new secondary school after I take a test. I also can't wait for the residential trip which we are staying for 3 nights!

Ren, 10, London

I'm looking forward to going to the Isle of Wight with my school for a week.

Eva, 11, London

In the new year I'm going to try and learn all of my times tables.

Jacob, 10, Gower

The Voice UK

Ross, 9, Scotland

I am looking forward to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as it's in its 70th year. I am hoping to go this year with my family.

Hope, 16, Perth and Kinross

The thing I'm looking forward to in 2017 is getting my puppy Barney.

Isabelle, 12, West Midlands

I am looking forward to LITTLE MIX GLORY DAYS TOUR!!


I'm looking forward to Little Mix's Glory Days tour, l'd love to see them live!!

Lucy, 9, Wiltshire

I'm looking forward to all the trips that I'm going to go on after my SAT's including a residential trip!

Malak, 11, London

In 2017 I'm excited for the City of Culture!

Shaun, 8, Hull