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Gallery: Practice your present face

Many of you will be getting excited about unwrapping presents at Christmas. So it might be a good idea to practice those reactions! Here's some inspiration for you.
"I love it, I love it, I love it!"
DogGetty Images
"Is that for me?!"
SquirrelGetty Images
"Oh no... The neighbour's coming round and they usually bring me a weird present..."
CatGetty Images
"Whoaaaaa! That looks awesome!"
MacaqueGetty Images
"I really should stop eating these Christmas chocolates you've given to me... But I can't"
GoatGetty Images
"I'm not sure if I like this present, but I'm going to be polite and smile, and pretend that I do..."
DogGetty Images
"I reeeeally hope that's what I think it is!"
TarsierGetty Images
"Please tell me that's not another pair of socks..."
DogGetty Images
"I'm so happy, thank youuuu!"
PigGetty Images