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Family builds amazing Christmas models through the years

A family have built a huge model of a polar bear out of Lego but it's only the latest in their Christmas model making tradition. Take a look at some of their best builds.
This is the latest edition to the Addis family's Christmas statues. It's a giant model of a polar bear made out of tiny Lego bricks. Mike and his wife Catherine make a figure each year. They start the project in mid October and it usually take about 6-8 weeks to complete.
Mike Addis and his wife with their model polar bear.Addis family
This is the inspiration for this year's creation. Mike re-created this model of a polar bear entirely out of plastic bricks.
Model of a polar bearAddis family
The inside of the model is made of coloured bricks with the outside white to represent the polar bear's fur.
Mrs Addis building the polar bearAddis family
After weeks and weeks of work this is the result. The family say it was one of the most difficult models they've ever made.
Lego model of a polar bearAddis family
Check out these amazing builds, a German Christmas Market made in 2001 and this replica of the postbox at Kings College in Cambridge which they made in 2009. The Addis children, Thomas, Holly and Christopher used to help make the models but now they are grown up they leave it up to their parents.
Previous models of a German Christmas Market and a postboxHeather Noble
Look at these amazing models. The people singing carols in a choir were made in 2003 and the house is model of the Addis family's own home which they made the next year.
Choir singers and a model houseAddis family
This giant toy soldier from the nutcracker was made in 2005 and the jazzy angel the following year. The angel is in such bright clothes because they ran out of white bricks!
Toy soldier and angelAddis family
This is a model of a Saxon church near where the family live. It is made to scale which means it is the same as real life but it's just been shrunk. It was made in 2008.
Saxon churchAddis family
What's scarier than a Dalek coming to get you? A Santa Dalek, this festive exterminator was made for Christmas 2011.
Santa DalekAddis family
This tasty model is a traditional gingerbread house which the family made in 2013. Yum! So far they've not decided what they'll make next year but I'm sure it'll be a cracker.
Lego gingerbread houseHelen Burchell