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The Victorians' weird Christmas cards

Here at Newsround, we are very confused by some of the Christmas cards that the Victorians used to send to each other. We've all sent some funny greetings cards, but these cards are very strange indeed! Check them out below.
Now, we don't know about you, but we're pretty excited about Christmas but the dog on this card from around 1860 looks so gloomy! Have you ever seen a Christmas card with a sadder face on it?
Victorian Christmas card with a sad dogGetty Images
This is a very nice picture, but what do sunflowers and tennis have to do with Christmas? Usually, we're curled up in front of the fire playing board games in winter. Not hitting a tennis ball about or picking flowers.
Victorian Christmas card with a womanGetty Images
We wonder, did robins in Victorians times wear dresses, push prams and smoke pipes? Apparently they did, according to this card from 1870.
Victorian Christmas card with a family of robinsGetty Images
A bit like we're struggling to see what tennis and sunflowers have to do with Christmas, we definitely can't work out what a mouse riding a lobster has to do with the festive season. But the Victorians seemed to think this was a suitable Christmas scene, according to this card from around 1880.
Victorian Christmas card with mouse riding a lobster.
We have no idea why the Victorians thought this was a nice picture to send on a Christmas card. We hope the robin is just sleeping...!
Victorian Christmas card with a dead robin.
This Christmas card appears to show a monkey doing a painting of a dog. Now, we don't know about you, but this isn't something that happens at Newsround HQ at Christmas, but perhaps we're missing something.
Victorian Christmas card with a monkey painting a dog.
When it snows at Christmas, we love nothing more than building happy snowmen in our gardens. These Victorian snowmen look a little bit creepy though, to say the least, and they certainly don't all look happy that it's Christmas.
Victorian Christmas card with snowmen.
Well at least this card is a bit more cheery. Although, when we think of Christmas, we don't usually think of a frog dancing with a beetle. The Victorians thought of some funny things!
Victorian Christmas card with dancing frog and insects.