Meteor lights up Siberian sky

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Meteor lights up Siberian sky

People living in Siberia in Russia saw a huge fireball when a meteor shot across the night sky.

Experts think the bright lights and sound were from the an explosion of a small meteorite.

You can see it zoom by in the home videos above...

People in the town of Sayanogorsk, Siberia, say they saw a bright light followed by a loud bang about a minute later, as the rock burned up in our planet's atmosphere.

The bang was so loud that buildings shook and car and house alarms went off!

The Russian Space Agency have sent experts to the town but apparently most of the debris from the meteorite burnt away and there was no damage to any homes or factories.

What is a meteorite?

NASA says :

  • A meteor is a bit of space rock heated to a fireball as it passes through earth's atmosphere
  • A "meteorite" is what a meteor is called before it hits the atmosphere and after, when it crashes into the earth
  • Scientists estimate that 44 tonnes of meteorite material falls on the Earth each day
  • Most meteorites found on Earth are pebble to fist size, but some are larger than a building
  • Meteorites may resemble Earth rocks, but they usually have a burned exterior. Meteor showers are usually named after a star or constellation that is close to where the meteors appear in the sky. Perhaps the most famous are the Perseids, which peak around 12 August every year.