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Five cool ways VIPs get around

US President-elect Donald Trump says he wants to cancel a new Air Force One - the jet which transports the President and his team all over the world. Here are five other ways VIPS get around.
This is Air Force One, the US President's personal 747 airplane. President-elect Trump has made waves this week after calling for an order of an upgraded version to be cancelled because it's too expensive! The specialised jet can refuel in the air so it doesn't need to land. It can also function as a mobile command base in an emergency and it has 7 floors - including a large office for the President.
Air Force OneGetty Images
Queen Elizabeth II certainly knows how to travel in style - check out her golden carriage! She doesn't travel around in this all the time as it isn't exactly practical, but she keeps this for special occasions. The coach was designed and made by Jim Frecklington in Australia. Jim worked really hard to squeeze in as much history as he could into the carriage. He used some wood from Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree, parts of the Mary Rose and even Oak from Admiral Nelson's most prestigious ship, the HMS Victory.
Queen Elizabeth II in her coachEPA
You may recognise this mobile, see-through box with Pope Francis standing inside. This is the Popemobile - a specialised, armour-plated vehicle with a completely transparent, bullet proof screen, which allows the Pope to be seen and also see his followers when he visits different places. The idea is it that it protects him from an attack - something which happened in 1981, when Pope John Paul II was shot whilst parading through crowds on the back of normal truck. Fortunately he survived, the Popemobile was born, and has continued to exist in different forms and designs.
PopemobileGetty Images
Meet 'The Beast' - the high-spec, high-security, custom-made limo that transports the American President when he is travelling on the ground. The fuel tank is armour-plated and wrapped in special foam to protect it from bullets and crashes. The car has military-level armour plating, but this is really heavy... so heavy the car doors can't be swung open from the inside! The Beast is also totally sealed from the outside world, complete with its own oxygen supply.
The BeastGetty Images
On board this high-flying glider is one of the most powerful men in the world - Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. Mr Putin is often pictured taking part in adventurous activities, such as horse riding across the wilderness or going in a submarine. Here, Mr Putin is trying to show some Russian cranes which way they should fly for the winter. It's not clear how successful he was, but one thing is for sure - it definitely looks like a lot of fun to fly through the sky!
Vladimir Putin in a hang gliderGetty Images
No carriages here - this cycling family is the Dutch King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and their two children. Bikes are a pretty big deal in Holland. In cities like Amsterdam over 70% of journeys are made by bicycle, so it's no surprise to see them riding through the Dutch countryside, just like thousands of normal Dutch people. Don't be fooled though - just like other world leaders, the King and Queen still have a number of cars and other modes of transport when a bike just isn't enough!
Queen Maixma and her family on bikesGetty Images